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Accounts for sole traders & Ltd Companies

Accounts are prepared from your records. Before signing, they are fully explained to ensure the client understands them. Advice is also provided on record keeping where necessary. This may reduce accountancy fees by minimising the time spent in their preparation.


Professional bookkeeping may reduce the likelihood of Inland Revenue or Customs and Excise investigations. It will ensure bookkeeping properly reflects business transactions.

Self Assessment Returns

Taybank Taxation & Accountancy submits all Returns through the internet thus ensuring a faster response from the Inland Revenue which may be beneficial if you are due a tax rebate. Again all entries will be explained fully to the client before submission and time taken to investigate the possibility of any tax saving measures. The cost for this is from as little as £80 in the most straightforward cases.

VAT Returns

Vat Returns prepared and sent to Customs & Excise.


Calculating PAYE deductions for employees can be difficult and time consuming. Taybank Taxation & Accountancy uses up to date payroll software to produce accurate wage slips and deals with all other Inland Revenue correspondence.

Inland Revenue Investigations

Ian Riley’s expertise in dealing with Inland Revenue investigations arises from his many years as a Tax Inspector. He also uses this specialist knowledge to reduce the likelihood of an investigation occurring.